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Climate Talk is climate change communication initaitive aimed at engaging the public on climate change issues. It undertakes novel activities to raise awareness and fostering attitudinal and behavioural change to build more resilient communities.




The first phase of the initaitve was lead by the by the Stockholm Environment Institute at the University of York in collaboration with BBC Radio York and the York Press. It aim was to engage the over 50s in North Yorkshire (UK) on climate change using a multi-pronged approach including public seminars entitled “Climate Change: Any Questions?” which were broadcast on local radio as well presentations to over local groups.




First Public Seminar was held in the Guildhall, York and was broadcast on BBC Radio York


Invited experts included:


  • Sir John Lawton, Chair of the Commission of Environmental Pollution

  • Dr Caroline Lucas, Member of the European Parliament, Green Party

  • Mr Craig McGarvey, Dales Area Manager, Environment Agency

  • Mr Tom Oxley, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Norwich Union


The meeting was attended by 115 people and was broadcast on BBC Radio York. Subsequent public seminars addressed the issues of  transport, energy and waste.

As part of the Climate Talk Initiative, we have encouraged and supported a number of  individuals to take the carbon challenge and adopt lifestyle changes to reduce their carbon footprint over a six-month period.

Public Seminars

Presentations to Local Groups

Climate Talk offers talks to local groups and events on a range of climate issues to rasie awareness and stimulate debate and foster action.

Fostering Behavioural Change

Tools of Engagement

Learning about climate change should be fun and entertaining, and appeal to a wide audience. That is why we developed two tools to engage the public. These included a fun quiz game called Climate Bingo and a Carbon Footprint Calendar with gives a monthly carbon reduction tip.

Working with the Media

Reaching different sections of the population requires the use of different communication channels. Climate Talk collaborates with the media to raise awareness, stimulate debate and promote low carbon lifestyles. Int he past, Climate Talk has worke with BBC Radio York, The Press as well as BBC Look North and the Yorkshire Post.

Climate Talk Pakistan was a joint programme between the International Union for Nature Conservation (IUCN) Pakistan country office (Pakistan) and the Stockholm Environment Institute, University of York (UK) in collaboration with APE and Oxfam International. It aimed to raise awareness and understanding of climate change in the nationa media in Pakistan.


Over a four month period the project worked with 40 journalists representing the major media organisations in Pakistan.


A three-day climate changecommunication training workshop was held   highlighting the science, impacts and lessons that can be learnt from reporting of climate change issues internationally.


The project  increased the level of informed and critical reporting of climate change and change public attitudes and behaviour.


A media guide on Climate Change in Pakistan was be produced outlining key issues.

Climate Change Awareness Programme for the National Media in Pakistan

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