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Building Community Resilience and Improving Wellbeing

The Good Life Initiative  took place in New Earswick near York. The project funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation held a series of activities during 2011 and 2012 which had the aim of building and sustaining community resilience.


The aim of the project was to foster low impact lifestyles in New Earswick and to galvanise community action to build a stronger and more resilient community. The New Earswick Good Life Initiative aspires to help residents to achieve a: healthier, greener, knowledgeable and sociable life.


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JoRios - Joseph Rowntrees Mini Earth Summit

Tea on The Green- New Earswick Good Life Initiative

JoRios Message to Global Leaders at Rio Earth Summit

The New Earswick Good Life Initiative Movie

Practical Action to Build Resilence: The Good Life Initaitive in New Earswick


This report details findings from a hands-on attempt
to build a local community’s capacity to adapt to ongoing economic, environmental and social changes. An action-research project investigated the effect of different interventions to facilitate civic engagement with the aim of motivating a transition towards a more resilient and environmentally sustainable community in a low-income neighbourhood on the outskirts of York.

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